"I am running for Mayor because I want to continue to make a difference! I want all residents of Lakewood to know that I hear you, and I not only listen, but I care.  Being your mayor would not be about me, but about we, and we can do better. We can do better than the status quo. We can do better at bringing real transparency to government. As mayor, I would bring honesty, maturity, integrity and a caring ear. I would bring a fresh new standard. No excuses. I will bring a fresh new energy to governance and leadership in Lakewood - I am not an echo. We can do better to preserve the character that attracted us all to this city that we love." 

As mayor I would:

  • Make Lakewood government more open, transparent, and accessible to all citizens.

  • Hold the line on Lakewood city government spending, sales taxes and property taxes.

  • Protect and maintain residential property values, and make sure new development does not have a negative impact on our communities.

  • Promote a healthy climate for our small business to grow, flourish and create new jobs.