RAMEY JOHNSON                         




Executive Director,
CO2 Coalition


Ramey Johnson is PRO:
Legal Immigration
Ramey Johnson is PRO:
Safe Neighborhoods and a Safe Lakewood
Ramey Johnson is PRO:
Lower Taxes, Lower Fees, and Fewer Regulations
Ramey Johnson is PRO:
Academic Excellence, Curriculum Transparency, Parental Involvement in Children’s Lives
Ramey Johnson is PRO:
Reducing Property Taxes

I am pleased to endorse Ramey Johnson to represent you as your Common Sense representative for Colorado House District 30.

Jeff Shrader

Jefferson County Sheriff

Shawn Hegarty

"Vote for Ramey! She uses empathy and experience to craft solutions that make our community better."
President, Insurance of Denver, Inc

Cathy Kentner 

Jefferson County school teacher, past Planning Commisioner and "neighborhood defender"

Violet M. Winter

"We need people with common sense
in our government.

Ramey has had experience in government,
is active in helping ordinary people be able to make ends meet financially, and looks at the future advocating wise use of resources, not controlling people’s lives with government.

My vote is for Ramey and those allowing freedom in our choices, caring for others."

Lynne Kinney

"It's my great pleasure to endorse Ramey Johnson for Colorado State Representative District 30”
(read full endorsement here)

Rae of Light Aromatherapy Massage

"You have my Business Endorsement"

Laurel Imer

Precinct Captain for house district 27, State Senate District 22.


As a former candidate for Colorado State Senate, District 22, I endorse Ramey Johnson.
The CO Gen Assembly desperately needs Ramey: we need her skills in diplomacy, ability to constructively maintain a bipartisan dialogue, restore balance to the decision-making process and to promote and restore Colorado to a republic as it was intended.
True representation from our community from a grounded, life-experienced veteran of public affairs that will resonate peace back into our neighborhoods.
Let’s cease the discourse and re-align with Ramey!

MARY Janssen

As a former member of Lakewood City council, I am supporting the HD30 Candidate with a proven track record of standing with citizens.  That person is Ramey Johnson!
While on City Council, I learned that many people in elected positions find reading bills, “Just too complicated”, and simply rubber stamp agendas from unelected bureaucrats.
This year we saw this in action as the Colorado legislature introduced over 700 bills of which, many are corrupt and very few improve the lives of Coloradans.


Ramey Johnson, is an experienced legislator with a successful history of fighting against the corrupt Colorado legislature, and fighting for Colorado Citizens.


For the benefit of our lives, businesses, and children, I am endorsing Ramey and asking everyone in HD30 to cast their vote for Ramey Johnson!

Don Burkhart

Real Estate Broker,
2023 Lakewood Mayoral Candidate 

Tamra Hartman

Owner, All Support All Computers

ANita Springsteen

Owner, Springsteen Law Firm, LLC and Former Lakewood City Council Member, Ward 3

Tina Jones Griffiths 

"You definitely have my endorsement as the former Chair of HD30 & HD23!"

Ronald Stein, P.E.

Author | Columnist | Energy | Literacy Consultant
Co-author of the Pulitzer Prize nominated book "Clean Energy Exploitations" 
Columnists of Op Ed articles on Energy Literacy at America Out Loud NEWS.


Vietnam War Veteran, Stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas

official endorsement of the 

Dr. Dennie Dorall

"Ms. Ramey Johnson offers the down to earth representation of what we in the community need, someone who understands us and will hear our needs.  To give us back a safe and beautiful community that has opportunity to grow.
I endorse Ms. Ramey Johnson for HD30."
(Read full endorsement here)


Wisdom, Courage, and Hope