RAMEY JOHNSON                         


Impact of Increased
Illegal Immigration

I support legal immigration, but our current open border policy is now here in our own backyards.
I support reversing
sanctuary state status.

Public Safety

Reducing crime and improving neighborhood safety is one of my highest priorities. I will work for increased police funding and local efforts to protect our citizens. Bring back qualified immunity for police officers.

Rising Cost of Living - Job and Economic Growth

I will fight to cut taxes and regulations that are killing small businesses. I will fight for everyone to have the American dream of home ownership - advocate to reduce property taxes. I will fight to preserve TABOR refunds.

Education – School Quality – Parental Involvement

The state should not dictate curriculum, this is the venue of local school districts. I  will support academic excellence and curriculum transparency, increase parental involvement, and enhance school safety.

We don't need more taxes. We need less spending! Bring back common sense.